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We can help you to manage change to achieve the results you want with the minimum negative impact on your organisation.

Change Leadership Coaching

This programme helps leaders within the organisation to implement successful change.

Purpose: to give leaders the skills and support they need to successfully implement change

Results: participants will have the skills and ability to deliver the benefits of change

Benefits: greater staff morale and engagement, smooth implementation of the change, planned benefits are achieved

Structure: a seven month programme of one-to-one coaching with a coach experienced in change management. The programme builds the concepts outlined in the “Introduction to Change Management workshop”. The participant will get help and support in planning and implementing change management activities and in developing their own communications and leadership skills. The combination of face-to-face coaching with telephone support means that participants can build up skills over time and have support in emergencies if needed.

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Introduction to Change Management workshop

This workshop introduces leaders within the organisation to the concepts and practices of change management.

Purpose: managers and leaders will know how to manage change to achieve the results they want.

Results: participants will understand the importance of change management and how it affects the bottom line for the organisation. They will know their role in the change and what they must do for the change to be a success.

Structure: this one-day workshop explains why change management is important, outlines how change affects people, explains the importance of the leader’s role, and gives practical examples of how to manage change successfully.

Participants will understand what the elements of change management are and what they personally need to do to make the change successful.

This can be run on-site or off-site.

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Stakeholder management workshop

Purpose: to identify all stakeholders who will be affected by the change and set stakeholder management objectives

Results: at the end of the workshop, a list of potential stakeholders will have been identified and stakeholder management objectives set for each of them. This inputs directly into stakeholder management and communications plans.

Benefits:The workshop enables you to prioritise communications and stakeholder management effort into the most important areas, ensuring that key stakeholder groups engage with and support the change.

Structure: This two hour workshop is suitable for the change management team or the organisation’s leadership team. It can be run on-site or off-site.

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Change communications workshop

Purpose: Enable participants to develop a communications plan for the change

Results: participants will understand how to run a stakeholder communications campaign and to write a communications plan.

Benefits: internal and external stakeholders will be communicated with appropriately and at the right time to ensure that they are engaged and the change is a success

Structure: a half day workshop, covering how to choose communications channels and media, how to manage the grapevine, the role of leaders in change communications, the importance of timing, make your messages fit, how to pull together your communications campaign.

Follow-on coaching and support can be provided to write and implement the communications plan

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