Helping leaders, teams and organisations get to the next level

Our Services

We offer services to three main groups: leaders, teams and organisations undergoing change.

All our services are customised to your needs. We will agree goals with you and then design services to meet them.


We help new and established leaders to improve their skills in running the organisation and managing people through one-to-one coaching. Coaching is hands-on and on-going – it achieves much deeper results than a training course ever can. A seven-month coaching programme gives the leader immediate feedback, support and accountability to meet their personal and business goals.

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We help teams to work together effectively and efficiently. Team building helps new teams to generate rapport, mutual respect and a common team direction and culture. We help established teams to work more efficiently using a number of techniques including team coaching, team culture building, job and role analysis and organisation development

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Major change doesn’t have to mean major upset – if you manage it right.We help your organisation to manage change effectively, from the top to the bottom. This includes help with your change management plans; communication and stakeholder management strategies; training your managers on how to lead change; designing and delivering workshops; and 1:1 coaching for leaders of change.

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