Helping leaders, teams and organisations get to the next level

If you work with us, you can expect:

Leaders to: improve their ability to get the best of their staff and deal with difficult people; generate a set of urgency and an environment of achievement; be more strategic - look at the ‘big picture’ for their organisation; and communicate in a way that gets people on their side

Teams to: understand and respect each other’s differences and know how to get the best from each other; have a clear team identity and know what they stand for; increase productivity and efficiency; and reduce unnecessary friction, frustration and stress

Organisations undergoing change to: gain and keep high levels of employee engagement and motivation; reduce “fear uncertainty and doubt” and the associated stress and lack of productivity; achieve planned productivity benefits from the change; and increase the organisation’s ability to manage change in the future

We believe

We believe that people give their best if they are in the right job for their skills and ambitions, with the right support and management, in an organisation they believe in and belong to. It’s not just a “nice to have” – it affects the bottom line.

We believe that leaders need support too. Some leaders may be born, but leaders can be made too.  Investing in the skills of leaders has a disproportionate impact on the success of the organisation. No-one is too successful to learn and develop new skills and perspectives.

We believe that ‘nice’ is not enough – for an effective workplace, you also need the right structures and processes, and you have to be able to be tough and have the difficult conversations too.

Our approach

We are not a training company, although we may provide you with training. We want to do more than just teach you some facts and techniques. We want to help you to change – to become the person, team or organisation you are striving towards.  Our experience and services are designed to help you make those changes

We are not here to tell you what to do, but to help you to uncover a better way of doing things yourself. We provide the coaching and facilitation skills, the experience, the processes, tips, tools and structures to enable that to happen.

We are bespoke rather than 'one size fits all'.There’s a saying: “if your only tool is a hammer, then the answer is always a nail”.  Well, we have lots of tools, so the answer may be a screw, a safety pin, needle and thread or blutack. We don’t have one package we try to squeeze each organisation into. We offer you a service that is appropriate to your objectives.

Why us?

We bring the experience and expertise of a big London consultancy to organisations on the South Coast. We have worked with BP, Ernst & Young, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal & Sun Alliance, Black & Decker as well as companies less well known.

We are benefits driven– we want to understand what you want, how it will benefit your organisation, how it fits in with your strategy. Then we design our service to deliver those benefits.

We have a wealth of practical tools and experience to draw on. Including skills and training in coaching, organisation development and change management.

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