Helping leaders, teams and organisations get to the next level

Who we work with

We work with organisations in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset and London who want to improve the effectiveness of their leaders and teams and their ability to manage change.

These range from one-person start-ups to locally based companies to subsidiaries of major multinationals.

What they all have in common is  that they understand that the quality of leadership affects the bottom line. They want their leaders to have the skills they need to be successful and are committed to be among the best in their field.

We have worked with clients from:

BP    Barclays Bank     Black & Decker   Bodyshop     
Centrica     EDS    Estee Lauder    Freeform Dynamics     Friends Provident   HP    Iydea   Liverpool Victoria  Lloyds TSB   Mercer    MoD    Royal & Sun Alliance    NATS   Shell    Siemens    Standard Chartered

Are these on your agenda?

Downsizing and redundancies. How do you manage morale, avoid 'survivor syndrome' and keep your managers and employees engaged?

Change management. How do you ensure that your change project actually delivers the benefits? How do you overcome resistance and get everyone on board? How do you improve your organisation's capacity to change quickly in response to external changes?

Team effectiveness. How do you get higher levels of performance within and between teams? How do you get the best from all your people and ensure that everyone is pulling together?

Growth and talent management. How do great operational managers become great leaders? How will your managers develop the skills to take a strategic view and lead your organisation to the next level?

Mergers and acquisitions. How do you manage the politics, get everyone working as a team, keep the best staff and get the best of both worlds (rather than the worst)?

Stress and work/life balance. How do you keep a high level of productivity without it becoming too stressful? How do you help your key staff to manage their time, stress and work/life balance to avoid losing them to illness or competitors?

Our ideal clients

You are successful and you want more of that. You have already realised that standing still is not an option.

You know that the quality of your leadership affects your bottom line, and you believe in investing in your people… and you keep control of your costs and want demonstrable value for your investments.

You have strong values – you believe in loyalty and looking after your staff … and hard work and rewarding success.

You’re a ‘good guy’ (or gal). You have a social conscience, and want to make a positive difference … as well as living a good life.

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