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"This is a very pragmatic process"

When I was looking into getting a coach I rang a few people, and as soon as I spoke to Catherine, I had confidence that this was going to work.  A year later, having completed and extended the original agreed time, on my own terms, I am very happy with the results.

I had tried a number of self-development strategies before, and they were not invalidated, but rather re-evaluated and refreshed, but Catherine’s coaching has proved to be the most effective and sustainable way for me to make positive changes in my life.

It is amazing what a couple of phone calls a month can do for you.  I continue to feel empowered and enabled to recognise the way I operate, and have systems in place to maximise not only my effectiveness, but also my enjoyment of life.

Sounds like a lot of words?  This is a very pragmatic process, offering a set of practical tools.  It has given me the awareness, confidence, motivation and love of life necessary to make major changes to my personal life and career. 

I have taken hold of areas of my life in ways that I always failed at in the past.  I am no longer dogged by disappointment, but buoyed up by inspiration and humour.  I have increased my income, improved my work-life balance and clarified what matters to me.  I am slowly but surely making my dreams come true.

Jonny Hoskins
Theatre Director