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Effective Teams

Team Building Workshop

Aimed at newly formed teams or teams that have undergone substantial change.

Purpose:An accelerated process to develop a high-performing and effective team

Results: Team members will have a common sense of purpose and urgency, tied into the strategic direction of the organisation. They will understand each other’s differences and how they can best work together. They will have a common language and a sense of team identity. They will know and respect each other.

Benefits: the team will work together effectively. Potential frictions and barriers will be removed. The team will be more able to resolve it’s own problems and to focus on achieving high levels of performance.

Structure: the event is designed around your specific needs and the prior experience of participants. It will include assessments, such as Belbin team roles or Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), to identify difference and how people work best together, together with practical, hands-on activities to accelerate the team-building process.

The team also works on identifying its purpose and identity, and how it fits in with the organisation’s strategy and direction. For this element, senior management participation is essential.

This can be run on-site or off-site.

To find out more about Team Building Workshop, phone 023 9241 3143 or contact us

Team Effectiveness interventions

Aimed at established teams that are not working effectively

Purpose: help established teams to work together effectively

Results: teams work together more effectively, with clearly defined and agreed processes and a sense of common purpose and culture

Benefits: more productive teams, team members who feel recognised and valued, less friction and problems, better service levels

Structure: These interventions are tailored completely to your situation. They may include: pre-intervention analysis such as interviews and questionnaires to identify where the problems are; team coaching: working with the team as an entity rather than with individual members; team culture building: articulating and designing the culture and values of the team; job and role analysis and design: to make sure that the right people are doing the right tasks and working with others effectively.

To find out more about Team Effectiveness interventions, phone 023 9241 3143 or contact us

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